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Robert Means

Website Solutions

Evergreen, Colorado


At the risk of limiting the available services to Evergreen, Colorado Webmaster designing and building only websites it should be noted that "Website Solutions" loosly translates to any computer related task you can't do, don't have time to do or don't want to do.

Past projects, aside from Evergreen, Colorado Webmaster providing website concept, design & development include:

  • WordPress recovery & migration
  • Automating data entry tasks
  • Technical support
  • Illustrations
  • Scanning and cataloging
  • Creating banner ads
  • Designing & authoring technical instructions
  • Updates/Modifications to existing websites
  • Editing video testimony for court trial
  • Editing audio testimony
  • Designing restaurant menus
  • Developing online shopping cart
  • Preparing newsletters
  • Photographing & cataloging inventory
SEO Strategies

Your Search Engine Optimization stragety starts with the big 3 social networking giants and continues all the way into the code of your website.

Gone are the days when you could just plop a few keywords into a meta tag in the code of your website and let the search engines do the rest. Today the algorithms search engines use to index your site into their database rely on a number of facets pertaining to your website address and they all ignore the keyword meta tag.

The playing field has changed and if you're not keeping up, you're quickly getting left beind. It's an aggressive campaign that needs to be viewed through the perspective of a long term endeavor and not a quick fix. Evergreen Web Design will draft a course for your business in order to navigate an efficient strategy best suited to draw attention to your site.


Pricing options are available to suit virtually every budget and project. Let's discuss your idea and outline a plan that works for you.


A custom website can help rediscover your business image in the Internet marketplace.

With Internet traffic more heavily consumed through cell phones, you can't afford to have an online presence without a strong mobile interface.

Utilizing the latest specifications in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery with a focus on viewport-independent, fluid design, you can rest assured your your site looks great and functions flawlessly no matter how your visitors get there.

  • Evergren Tap House

    Evergreen Tap House

    Full-featured WordPress website with robust array of customized options.

  • Foster Family Dental

    Foster Family Dental

    Custom design with mobile first priority. Website adapts flawlessly to any viewport.

  • Rookies - Batting Cages Evergreen, Colorado


    Evergreen, Colorado's premiere batting cages with online managed booking system.

  • Evergreen Signs Website

    Evergreen Signs

    Advertising in various mediums. With a mobile-optimized website they are now reaching more customers than ever.

  • Wildflower Café

    The Wildflower Café

    Located in historic downtown Evergreen, Colorado with a menu that brings folks in from miles around.

  • Matthew Beach ESQ, LLC

    Matthew Beach ESQ, LLC

    Trial attorney practicing along the Front Range of Colorado.



    An incredibly useful browser utility built in PHP & mySQL.

  • Evergreen Wilderness Guides

    Evergreen Wilderness Guides

    Outdoor instruction with courses ranging from rock climbing to mountain biking to survival skills.

  • Colt Green Construction

    Colt Green Construction

    Construction and project management company, Jacksonville, Florida

Static Website Samples

The sites below reflect an era before fluid/responsive design was a thing. While these examples do not play well with mobile devices you can still appreciate the attention to detail reflected in each unique design and content management.

  • Forest Heights Lodge

    Forest Heights Lodge

    Lots of custom features stiched flawlessly into a custom design.

  • The Burn Mountain Bike Time Trial

    The Burn MTB TT

    Bike race that I Directed in 2010 & 2012

  • Acts Church Website

    Acts Church

    Cover image was a composite of several images provided by customer.

  • Satilla, Inc

    Satilla, Inc.

    Construction management company.

  • Benn Mediation

    Benn Mediation

    Family law attorney practicing in Denver.

  • Services include a lot more than just websites. Got a project? Just ask!


WordPress is the newest option available to customers and one that is exciting to provide. WordPress is an open source framework originally designed as a blogging platform but that can be tailored to your specific tastes while harnessing the incredible power and stability of thousands of lines of code engineered by the brightest folks in the industry. It's kind of like someone giving you a Ferrari engine - now, who are you going to hire to build you a car around that engine?

Meet the Team

Robert Means

Robert Means,

I have been developing websites since the '90's with a passion for integrating complex features within custom designs.

The skills I bring to your project include PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Javascript. A strong command of these languages is the very foundation of a solid product and one that you can feel confident will display across multiple browsers and devices in a consistent, reliable manner.

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Bobby Means

Bobby Means,

Basking in the RGB color spectrum and designing unique, beautiful websites has been a joy of mine since my first Windows 95 computer shortly after the GUI went mainstream.

I wield Photoshop like a samuri ninja and Illustrator like a middleweight contender. ...I'm working on that.

Contact Bobby

Bob Means

Bob Means,
Sales & Support

My mission is to understand your goals and vision and convey that to Bobby, our designer. He's a bit of a flake sometimes as designers can be so you'll want someone focused and persistent to keep him on task. Together we can outline a plan that works for you.

Contact Bob

Rob Means

Rob Means,
Internetual Webanaut

Don't let any of the others here fool you - I keep this circus in order and am The Pillar of resolute and steadfast integrity overseeing the entire operation and ensuring every last detail is maintained to immaculate perfection.

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  • Create a Blueprint
    We'll research user expectations and target common use cases, developing a clear sitemap and user flow for intuitive engagement within your custom design.
  • Design + Create
    During this phase, we focus on brand experience, content engagement and creative expression through custom design working closely with clients to create an end result that both sides will be proud of.
  • Develop + Deploy
    Using the most appropriate technologies and interactive elements, We build standards-compliant, cross-platform websites and apps that are a pixel-perfect match to the design phase mockups.
  • Relax
    You can feel confident your project is in the right hands along with the peace of mind that comes with having your own personal support specialist on call.
  • Let's Brainstorm Ideas!
    Each project begins by identifying objectives and tastes in order to customize an interactive experience tailored to your specific needs.
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